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Our team brings Pay-Per-Click service to its optimum by executing result-oriented strategies. We ensure an in-depth business objective scenario and hence create plans according to the audience trends and needs of the business.

Elementary Stage: Primary Analysis, Strategy developing and Setup

This stage is essential to approach active and current advertising process. Each client requires its own approach when setting up Pay-Per-Click at Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Bing prior creating the first set of audience and traffic. Experience and knowledge of our team, understanding of your business and analysis of competitors and industry will result into the best outcome.

We execute our cognitive strategies created over the years to develop our methods and work plans. These are the essentials required to be done for a strong foundation to continue further.

  • Exporting information about your business for Pay-Per-Click
  • Homepage review and consultations
  • Possible Analysis of previous Pay-Per-Click activities
  • Setting marketing goals
  • Developing primary strategy for Pay-Per-Click
  • Creation of campaigns to use maximumfeatures of  Pay-Per-Click like Search, Display, Remarketing, Product Listing Ads etc.
  • Comprehensive Keyword Research and Selection
  • Creation and implementation of Comprehensive Negative Keyword List
  • Proper Keyword Categorization, Matching Options and Ad Group
  • Effective Ad Copy – Multiple Ads in one Ad Group for Constant Testing
  • Creation of Budgeting Tools
  • Proper Ad Timing and Geographical Targeting
  • Proper Tracking Code Installation for Google Analytics and Pay-Per-Click Conversion Tracking

Post this stage, it is set to start and create new traffic. We ensure in creation of Pay-Per-Click strategies to have a great vision on the data, traffic and results for your investments in Pay-Per-Click advertising. A proper start is the key to success in Pay-Per-Click. With a clear vision of whole data, we can react quickly promptly and make efficient changes timely to render a profit.

Subordinate Stage – Ongoing Account Management

After the establishment is completed, we jump to the subordinate work patterns, launch the accounts and create traffic. Pay-Per-Click management is a never-ending process, requiring constant attention. We need to analyse results, develop our strategy, update platforms and make changes all the time. This process never stops unless you are done with advertising. These trends have to chased as they never remain constant. We strategize your budgets for fruitful outcomes of effective leads and prospective sales by Pay-Per-Click investments. We develop our methods with the latest trends to achieve better results and use the opportunities of mentioned platforms to the maximum.

Our work areas are innumerable with the changing trends but we have tried to mention a few here below:

  • Specific assigned manager to solve your queries, share concerns and ideas
  • Persistent development of Pay-Per-Click Strategy
  • Constant Business & Website Consulting
  • Regular Platform Updates reacting to Ongoing Strategy Changes
  • Continual Keyword Performance Analysis, Additions & Deletions
  • Ongoing Bid & Position Monitoring for best results
  • Permanent Ad Copy Testing and Analysis
  • Ongoing Conversion Tracking Analysis
  • Trademark Infringement Protection
  • Security Monitoring (to prevent fraud or strange events)
  • Constant wheeling in to achieve Higher Conversion Rates, Lower Conversion Costs, Improved Quality Scores and Higher Click Through Rates to Increase Volume and Decrease Expenditures



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